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One Year

A lot can happen in one year. I have experienced more in this last year that I could have ever dreamed. My life was about to change forever:


Be still my heart…

Fast forward a year and we’re smack dab in the middle of all the fun of throwing our little boy his first birthday party! I’ve been eyeing many fun ideas on Pinterest and ended up with a “rainbow balloon” kind of party which I thought was fun!

Many of my family members from my home town made it up for his birthday which meant so much to us!  My side of the family are really the only relatives nearby and it made it extra special to spend his first birthday with them :-)

image 7 7
Great Grammie
image 8 8
Nanny B
image 9 9
A round of applause for the birthday boy
image 0 0
Icing + hot weather + humidity = ummm….yeah

I decided to make Cameron’s smash cake myself and while I wanted to make a “rainbow” cake, I wasn’t crazy about using lots of artificial colourings (lame Mama?) so instead I made the layers with real fruit and while it wasn’t “vibrant” in colour, he had a lemon layer, strawberry layer and blueberry layer.  Then I went and defeated the purpose and slathered colourful icing all over it to try to make a “wooden block” Mama fail?

image 4 4
Tastes good to me, Mommy
image 5 5
Nom nom nom

image 8 8
Oh to be one year old…
image 9 9
Cameron’s friend Charlotte and her beautiful blue eyes
image 0 0
Grampie & Nanny B

image 1 1
Great Grammie & Nanny

image 5 5
“Mommy, books are for bed time, can I go back to playing with my truck?”

image 8 8
4 Generations

All in all his birthday went off without a hitch, we had a house full, good weather, good food, BBQ, cake, punch, smiles and a happy birthday boy. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Oh and the husband has been hounding me to make sure I update you on the FINAL results of our weight loss challenge. And for a guy who doesn’t like to be mentioned on my blog, he sure doesn’t mind me mentioning this! I humbly proclaim that Mr. Alltheway (aka “the rookie”) has beaten me! He lost 17.06% (41.8lbs) and I lost 14.75% (36lbs). We both kicked ass though and couldn’t be happier!! Happy Birthday to our little boy!!!!  :-)

image 5 5

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