Orlando Day 2 (Tuesday)

Hey guys! Still no internet and still waiting.  I prepared this post and am now sitting at the parking lot of Starbucks to get some wifi! At least I can share with you our day of travel (below) and our first full day in Orlando.  For the next day or so, my posts will be periodic, but I’m still going to keep up with them and post them when I get the opportunity!

After crashing hard last night, I woke up bright and early eager to let the warm sun shine on my face.  I let hubby sleep and fixed myself an early breakfast of some OJ, my BFF from our last U.S. vacay, Fage yogurt, honey and organic raspberries while the sun started to shine on this side of the back patio.  Still no internet, so it gave me time to blab on and on writing my last post since I had nothing better to do at that hour! (The blabbering detail is more for my benefit of looking back later, so please excuse the yammering on!)



The sun was just starting to peek through and a beautiful day was upon us 🙂


After unpacking and hubby woke up we got showered and decided to go out for “real” breakfast, which was more around lunch time and then hit up some nearby shopping.  I gotta say, we feel pretty lucky to be driving in the sun with the wind in our hair 🙂

Our cool ride!



Peanut’s first road trip! 🙂 xo


Where does one go for an all American staple breakfast? IHOP!  Neither of us had ever been, so we thought it would be perfect.


We were both undecided as to what to get, so we both went with the “Split Decision” which pretty much gives you a bit of everything! Eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast AND buttermilk pancakes! I definitely wanted to try the pancakes, but I also didn’t want to be “hopped” up on pure carbs for a long day, so I figured it would be best to load up on all fronts 😀


I have to say, as “standard” as a breakfast can be, it was sooooo delicious!  What wouldn’t be with a bit scoop of butter and old fashioned AND strawberry syrup on these babies:


Then it was Premium Outlets!!


Hubs and I spent the afternoon shopping!  For a guy who absolutely hates shopping, he always holds up a husband of the year card when we’re on vacation and he always let’s me have my time while he holds the bags :-)  Since my body certainly isn’t my “normal” shape or size and won’t be for a while, I didn’t buy too much in the line of clothes other than one pit stop at Motherhood Maternity where I got a few items.  I did buy a few baby onesies and baby PJs and oh yeah, I stumbled upon the Lululemon outlet that Caitlin held her Operation Beautiful booth last week and loved the OB signs in the window 🙂IMG_7761_thumb



Loved the displays and I loved knowing that I participate in OB whenever the mood strikes.  You can be sure I’ll be leaving a few notes around while in Orlando, because now it seems as necessary to me as visiting Disney 😉

Walking around for a few hours definitely took its toll on me.  My hips and bum felt like I had done like 394847 lunges!  We took a few breaks and sipped on some refreshments, but my huge breakfast(s) held me over really well and we didn’t eat again until supper time. 

Next up was Super Target


Oh yes, as if regular Target wasn’t enough to turn my crank, this one also had a super market combined.  I already had some baby items in mind that I knew I wanted to pick up while here simply because of the savings between here and Canada, so I got a few baby items checked off my list with some major savings:

  • Medela In Style breast pump (saved $90)
  • Baby Bjorn infant carrier (saved $50)
  • Organic newborn onesies (4 for $8.99?!)
  • pack of fleece receiving blankets (4
  • pack of burb cloths
  • breast pads
  • Lansinoh cream
  • Health basics safety & grooming kit

I’m still looking forward to hitting up Babies R Us and it looks like most of our duty free allowance is pretty much going to be spent on baby gear but that is a good thing! We need everything and we’re saving so much money buying it here!

We also stocked up on some more groceries for the week and then we were off for supper.  I was eager to get back to Ruby Tuesdays because they have the BEST salad bar EVER!  That place has turned out to be one of my favourite restaurants every time I’ve traveled to the U.S. simply because of the salad bar.  I think I was too exhausted to think to take any pictures of dinner though!  I enjoyed a fabulous salad consisting of: greens, spinach, carrot, egg, cheese, edamame, beets, red onion, chick peas, dried cranberries, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, cottage cheese, potato salad, noodle salad, pumpernickel croutons and lord knows what else…all I know is the salad was perfection and I would have just been happy with that.  I also had a few wings shared with the husband, the BEST strawberry lemonade (blended with real strawberries and it pretty much tasted like a more refreshing virgin strawberry daquiri) and my main was a chicken pasta dish that I could only eat about a quarter of before tapping out.  It was all incredibly good and we’ll be going back again before our vacation is over for sure.

We got back to our condo around 5:30 and thought we’d try to squeeze in a swim at the pool before dusk and spend the rest of the evening relaxing. It’s funny because every now and then while we’re watching the channel guide, the weather lady will kick in and say that "Canada" is getting snow tomorrow! lol I’m not sure since I have no internet right at the moment, but I’m thinking our entire country isnt getting hit with snow! At least I hope not, it was beautiful when I left! :-/

Our condo owners tell us that there will be a cable guy coming by tomorrow to fix our broken internet connection and we’ve decided just to spend the day lounging around the grounds at the pool and some R&R.  My body is so sore and aching from a day of travel and day of shopping, so before pushing it with our first theme park day, I think that is just the ticket! 

Okay peeps, hubby is getting restless sitting here waiting for me, so Day 3 (Wednesday) will have to wait until next time which will hopefully be at our condo where the internet will be fixed :-/

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