Painting Workshop

Just as I arrived at tiny Terrence Bay School to lead the workshop, the sun arrived! Hooray. This is the classroom before we started, nice and tidy! Didn’t last long,lol.

The children were in grades two and three. We were all going to paint seagulls but some wanted to paint cats after seeing some of my work,so that’s what we did,cats and seagulls.

First they sketched and then they started to paint on canvas.

I loved all the different skies they decided to paint. Actiually I loved EVERYTHING they painted! This wee chap wanted a sunset.

Most of the class did seagulls. Terrence Bay is a small community surrounded by the ocean, so there are LOTS of gulls. A few really wanted cats, so that was just dandy too.

I was very impressed with the patience and diligence these students displayed. Such great little artists!

Tah dah!

Here are two more:) It was terrific fun and I’d be happy to do it again.


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