Police warn citizens about overseas diplomat email scam

Police warn citizens about overseas diplomat email scam

Halifax Regional Police is warning the public about an email scam that has surfaced in the Halifax area.

At 11:30 a.m. on February 12, police responded to a report from a woman that she had received an email earlier that morning from someone claiming to be a sergeant in the United States military, it also contains a photo of a person in a US military uniform. The email states that a Diplomat will be delivering a parcel with money or a cheque to the receiver and claims to know the receivers home address, but will ask for confirmation of that information. If your address is provided, you may receive a parcel containing a cheque or cash that appears legitimate, but it is not. You will be asked to deposit the cheque or cash into your bank account and then send some of the money back to the sender.

Police remind citizens to be wary of any calls or emails that ask you to provide money, bank or personal information such as your Social Insurance Number (SIN) or date of birth as this could lead to identity theft.

Follow @HRPFraudCop on Twitter, visit the Halifax Regional Police website or the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for more fraud prevention information.


Source: Media Release

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