Pom-errific Salad Night

Evenin’ bloggies. Hope you all had a wonderful day and managed to stay focused on your health goals. 🙂

You may have noticed, I made the blogroll dedicated to other bloggers who are back at WW’s Meetings.  If your blog is missing, please leave me a comment so I can add it.  I would love to share the support on this journey.

I made a fantastic salad for Supper tonight that I wanted to share. The past few days I’ve been craving a huge salad; figured this was a safe one (craving) to actually give in to.  Hehehe.

Baby spinach, pom seeds, red onion & feta cheesePerfection!
Tossed with some Calorie-Wise Poppyseed Dressing.
This huge salad was  2.5 Points – baby spinach (0) pom seeds (0.5)  red onion (0) feta cheese (1) poppyseed dressing (1)


To round it out,  I had 3oz of chicken breast and a side of rosemary focaccia bread.  Mmm, I’m thinking a smaller portion of this would make a fantastic lunch!

I’m off to read up on my Blackberry and squeeze in a quick cardio session.  Night!

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