Raising Hope – Talent and Charisma

I watched season one of Raising Hope over the summer, because it was one of those shows that everyone I knew and liked/trusted their taste in TV was watching. The second season debuted last night following New Girl (Tuesday nights have become a great TV night) and it was just as funny and endearing as the first season episodes I fell in love with.

Since Hope is a lighter comedy and I haven’t always reviewed it, I’m going to approach it the same way I do Cougar Town and just give you my five favorite things from the episode, plus a few bonus quotes.

  1.  Shelly’s opening song. She’s so clever (obviously, since she’s half of Garfunkel and Oates) and it did a great job of catching my boyfriend up on the premise of the series.
  2. Greyson Chance as thirteen year-old talented Jimmy. The premise of the episode was that, when showing Hope old family videos, Jimmy realized he used to be a child musical prodigy. The actual child prodigy and YouTube discovery Greyson Chance was a great choice. And I got to chuckle because his last name is Chance, like the family on the show. 
  3. Maw-Maw teaching Jimmy how to play using a puppet called “Mr. Jingles”. Some favorite lines included “If I wanted an A-flat minor I would have had you go play with your girlfriend’s chest,” and “That’s the worst “Chopsticks” I ever heard. That could make three billion Chinese switch to forks.”
  4. The fact that Burt was the one who’d thrown the golf club that hit Jimmy in the head, causing him to lose his talent. “I’ll never forget that day: September 11, 2001, the day I threw that putter.”
  5. Sabrina’s infatuation with thirteen year-old Jimmy. It was the perfect mix of cute and creepy, and I love her new haircut. 

Some other great quotes from the episode:

  • “You could have been an international star — like David Hasslehoff…or Hello Kitty!” – Virgina
  • “The you on that tape had talent and charisma…but that’s gone now.” – Virgina, to Jimmy
  • “Who’s that dude with Barbara Walters’ hair and the movie dog’s name?” – Burt, thinking of Beethoven



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