Results and Photos from Nor’easter Surf Contest

Logan Landry was the winner in the Men's Open division at the Nor'easter Surf Contest.

Under sunny skies and strong southwest winds the annual Nor’easter Surf Contest went off without a hitch on Sunday at Lawrencetown Beach.

A total of 51 surfers in five divisions battled all day against treadmill-like currents at the Lawrencetown point to catch waves and score points. The following are the winners in each division:

Men’s Open
Women’s Open
1. Logan Landry
2. Jacob Albury
3. Lance Moore
1. Julie Baldwin
2. Jill Manos
3. Bridget Turner
Men’s Longboard
Women’s Longboard
1. Jenner Cormier
2. Sam McKenna
3. Glen McDuff
1. Juel M.M.
2. Amy Schwartz
3. Caralee Murphy
1. Jacob Albury
2. Isaac Norman
3. Kris Rambeau

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