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ReTalesMadness: What Gem Have I Missed?

Trying to find what restaurants I may have missed, so I put together a list of 32 Restaurants that I haven’t tried before. So I threw the names in a computer and it generated a bracket (March Madness) .
I will eat at the Final 4.
The way I’m gathering the data is using twitters voting function.
If you are on twitter and would like to vote, look for ReTalesMadness I’ll keep updating this blog post as results come in.

Group 1:
Prediction: Fickle Frog

Group 2:
Group 2
Prediction: Epicurious Morsels
in sports, this is the group of death

Group 3:
Prediction: Mongolie Grill

Group 4:
Prediction: Redwood Grill

About Arthur Gaudreau

ReTales is a tracker of the going on of the Halifax Regional Municipality retail and restaurant scene, while there will be a focus on local operators, the big box and shopping centre areas will be represented as well. ReTales will also have some out of town content as well where applicable. The information comes from various news sources and observation around town. If you are business and you want to announce a new location a move or a renovation feel free to drop a line. ReTales is also pursuant to the improvement of the city to make a lively beautiful community we can all love an enjoy.


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