Wow Hot Pot, Licensed Starbucks?


The Eastern Shore is getting a microbrewery, Sober Island Brewing. (Sober Island is about 10 minutes south of Sheet Harbour)

The Source in Bayers Lake has closed.

Wow Hot Pot will be opening in the Bubba Rays space above La Frasca. Bubba Rays has just condensed and is now only in the Spring Garden Place space, with their door on Dresden Row.

KoKo Mod floral design is coming to Portland St beside Room 152. Also, New Scotland Clothing will be opening a shop on Wentworth St. where Bodega started out.

Chameleon Cafe and Supper Club is now open the former Bayers Rd Shopping Centre.

Tazah Pizza and Grill is opening in the former Cafe by Michel/Coffe Culture space on Larry Uteck

RUMOUR: Made in The Maritimes will open a 2nd location full of Maritime art in the space recently vacated by Bogside in the Hydrostone

: This may be the home of a new Starbucks, replacing the one at Queen St. This one, however, will be the first in Atlantic Canada to be licenced to serve alcohol. Also, Pearle Vision is closing up this month and potentially that is a large main floor space.


The Canadian Tire in Clayton Park has completed its move and opened in  Bayers Lake.

The Newfoundland Chocolate Company is now open in Sunnyside Mall.
Waffle Love has opened in the Hydrostone.


The Loop will be moving their yarn a few doors away next month; they will be moving in the old Carsand Mosher space on Barrington on the corner of Blowers

Superstore is ending the 10% discount they offered students on Tuesday, instead offering a 10% bonus in PC Points. Not very appealing for the students but, at least, I can go to the grocery store on a Tuesday night again.

I started an elimination bracket of 32 restaurants I had never eaten at before. I’m letting folks vote daily on Twitter as to which restaurants I will try. You can follow the bracket results @
I hopefully will find a new gem.

Someone was having a little fun at Michaels in Dartmouth last weekend

M&M Meat Shops has decided to change its name to M&M Food Shops


Halifax Burger Week is on, but it’s interesting that there is an Underground Burger Week, numerous places are having burger specials but are not on “the list” Cheese Curds, Jamieson’s, Boondocks,  Rudy’s, Black Sheep for example.



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