Return of the Summer Geese


Hope for Wildlife has one again returned a familiar Dartmouth sight: the Sullivan’s Pond Geese.

Earlier this morning, a van harbouring 10 very noisy geese pulled into the central Dartmouth landmark to the small crowd of media and excited spectators. The white geese, which has a long history with the pond, were kept at the Hope for Wildlife foundation for the winter for protection as our winters have been harder and less predictable, for several years now. Captured usually in October and brought back generally when the weather seems to be more stable in the early spring, the geese are well fed and medically cared for while housing at Hope.


Once released from the van, the geese took a few moments to grab a snack and look around. Slowly, they began to make their way back to the water, honking loudly and watching their step down the muddy slope. Once they hit the water, they didn’t look back. Splashing, diving and paddling around, the cold morning didn’t seem to affect them at all.


From Sullivan’s Pond, the Hope for Wildlife van were on their way to Victoria Gardens to return their geese as well.

DSC_9907 DSC_9931

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