Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

So, I couldn’t tell you guys this before but I had to make an exception to my veggie challenge for a very special surprise event last night.   As you all probably all know, it was Angie’s 30th birthday.  As a gift, her hubby & Tash planned an awesome surprise dinner party complete with a Chef!  How awesome is that?!

The vey surprised birthday girl.

The lovely ladies – Amy, Tash, Jaime, Me, Ang & Jackie.

Our Chef for the evening, Chris Burton.  He did a great job and was very at ease with a big group of chatty gals!  He explained to us how he got into cooking and went over our delicious menu.

While he prepped the dinner we sipped on some yummy sparking cider that Jaime brought.  I chose the pear, it was awesome and a great alterative to wine.  We started off with Gin-Ginger Shrimp Flambé

IMG_3664  IMG_3667

I could’ve happily just ate this all night.  Deeelish!!! 

Along with Poached Quail Eggs & Basil Hollandaise.

I never had quail eggs before.  It was just like a regular egg only smaller. 
We sat down for the meal.  Mmm, seedy bread!

IMG_3678 IMG_3677

To start off we had a Spinach & Arugula Salad with Warm Maple-Balsamic Vinaigrette and Prosciutto Wrapped Pear & French Chevre.

IMG_3681 IMG_3704


Raspberry Sorbet to cleanse the palate. I loved this!

The main course was a Herb Roasted AAA Beef Tenderloin with a Shitake-Soy Emulsion….this was creamy wine saucy goodness.  I actually closed my eyes while I ate and savoured every.single.bite. OMG. I have to re-create this!  Without a doubt, this was my favourite part of the meal.

And a Chickpea & Sweet Potato Mash.

Dessert was a Warm Apple, Pear & Ginger Tart with Spiced Caramel & Vanilla Ice Cream.

The birthday gal had a cake too but we were too stuffed to actually have a slice.  We but happily sang happy birthday and watched her blow out the candles! 😉

My shot with the birthday gal!!


I had such a fabulous time celebrating your birthday Ang!! 

We were eating until 10pm last night and I honestly didn’t think the scale would be in my favour at all.  I was pleasantly surprised to see this number when I hopped on this morning:
That would be a loss of 3.6 lbs. Whooohoo!!  I feel so great and this will certainly help motivate me to stay on track this week.

Getting back to the Veggie Challenge – I got right back to it this morning and will for the next two weeks. :)  Sorry I couldn’t tell you all when I first started but I had to keep the dinner a surprise. 

I’ve been MIA today because we’re painting up a storm.  Lookie, the burgundy is almost gone.  I can’t believe the difference after a few coats of primer!!! So exciting. 🙂

We’re just sitting down for a Supper break now.  We’ve done 3 coats of primer done and the plan is to start with the lovely Birchwood color before bed!! 

Hoping to catch up with all of you later tonight!

Feelin’ Great… For the most part…

Foodie Birthday Surprise