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Saturday Links

There’s always something…………… National Media Museum

Some links you might be interested in poking about over the weekend: :)

I saw the funniest video the other day that really puts things into perspective. CK Lewis on the Conan show talking about how everything is amazing and nobody is happy! So GOOD
Thanks Gillian:)

29 Gifts, this is an interesting idea! Cami had MS and was feeling sorry for herself. A trusted friend told her to stop thinking about herself and give away a gift a day for 29 days. Halfway through, Cami started to notice things were changing in a big way for herself. The more you give, the more abundance you experience. I started yesterday:) People are encouraged to write down what they are giving and the consequences of their actions. There is a place to do so on the site. I have not joined, I am just doing it on my own.

The New York Public Library digital collection. Oh my what a treasure trove.

One of my favourite food sites when I am looking for ideas for ingredients on hand. I type them in. Lots to discover. Reviews and tips from people who have tired making whatever dish you are interested in.

Wanting to grow in your creativity and expand your photography skills? The lovely Madelyn Mulvaney aka Persisting Stars has started teaching delightful eCourses.

This is a blog that I ALWAYS learn from. A Happy Healthy Long life A medical librarian’s take on the latest news to keep you fit! You will benefit from reading it:)

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