This big spoon came from the set of the movie,The Shipping News that starred Kevin Spacey. At the end of a production sometimes there is an auction of props and things. A friend of mine who worked as the food stylist on that show picked up some spoons. I had helped her create a “squid” burger for one of the scenes. lol. We tried to make it look great with bits of dulse hanging out and deep fried breaded fried tentacles but Kevin refused to even try it. The rest of the crew and director did and pronounced them delicious! His was eventually made with chicken. All this for a ten second shot:)

I uploaded this shot to Shutterstock on the weekend. It was was accepted and already has a download:) I have not been very consistent at all with my microstock stuff and plan to try to get a few uploaded each week. It is another way to make some extra dollars and fun too. With a bit of work, you could do quite well! I wrote about microstock a while ago. There was some controversy recently about microstock taking money from professional photographers but the shot in question that triggered the discussion was just a jar of coins used by Time magazine for their cover. Personally, I think why spend “big” money on a shot of a jar, a classic “stock” picture. Spend the”big”money on shots that require imagination and presence.

If you take a look around some of the microstock companies, there are AMAZING images to be found now. The advent of digital cameras has made photography accessible to so many more people and they are really pushing the boundaries of what can be done.

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