Gigi and robin chick. A picture from my childhood:) This wee bird fell from a nest or something, can’t remember now… so we brought it in and made a lined box and fed it with an eyedropper and then put it back outside I think. Must ask my mum. Gigi did not know what to make of it! We were always rescuing small birds and animals.
Our family had two Siamese cats, Gigi was neurotic and twitchy, Topaz was round and cuddly. To this day I still miss them. They both had separate litters of kittens in my bedroom cupboard! I remember how as soon as they were able, they would laboriously pick up each kitten by the scruff of the neck, trundle over to my bed, leap up with kitten clamped between their teeth, deposit in the warm covers and go back for another. I loved it!

Impaired driver stopped twice in one day

Driver busted twice in the same day for DUI