Stop the Presses: J.Crew is thinking Canada!

L-A: As I was about to dig into my pain au chocolat and coffee, the headline on today’s Globe and Mail stopped me in my tracks: J.Crew is coming to Canada!  Actually, the headline was something far more vague: Michelle Obama’s style secret sets its sights on Canada.  But the gist of the article? J.Crew has hired fancy real estate people in Canada to investigate if opening stores in our country is possible.  This could take a few years – apparently it took Crate & Barrell five to actually come to Canada (what? Crate & Barrell is in Canada? I had no idea. That’s what I get for living East of Montreal).

Why should you care? Well, for starters, if you love the style of Michelle and her girls (we do. Hells, that’s how we got started on writing this blog), you’ll love to visit the store as opposed to just catalogues or online. Online doesn’t always work since the inauguration broke the J.Crew internets because of these coats (and Michelle’s gloves):


Frigging adorable coats. I wanted one for myself.

And check out Michelle on the tonight show and in London:


Looking good. And while not always cheap, far more affordable than her Thakoon numbers.  Don’t even try to buy this stuff from their website. They sell out pretty damn quick.

You should also care because they have pretty things for everyone! Personally, I love their sweaters. I had a merino J.Crew turtleneck for years before it started to lose it’s shape and my cat finally claimed it for himself (to sleep on, not to wear). Another one still looked pretty good after ten years, I just stopped wearing it because the style no longer suited me. They also have great basic tees and cardigans. Here’s some looks I dug up from their site:


Hello Sailor indeed! I say no to formal shorts with a peacoat and turtleneck, but otherwise, love the coat and turtleneck.


For the dudes. Yes, J. Crew is on the preppy side. But I like preppy.

And for the kiddies:

jcrew_boys jcrew_girls

Dress your kids with more style than most adults!  Actually, the boys look in particular reminded me of a post by Auntie Fashion on how your kid would hate you for trying to dress them like that. And I think Auntie is very right about that. Not to worry, the kids clothes do look like they’re actually fun for kids. Like tutu skirts with striped tights:



So that’s the breaking news. Let’s get on this Halifax and get a J.Crew in town. Maybe even downtown. You hear that Halifax real estate moguls? I want a J. Crew!

Fish & finger food at the Foggy Goggle

LeBrun Centre in Bedford

Youth participation needed