Sunday Morning Greetings!

Morning Bloggies!  Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.  Mine started off full of stress but that changed almost as soon as my feet hit the pavement for a run yesterday morning. It absolutely blows my mind how much exercise effects my mood.  Hubby had a man date to see Avatar so I spent the afternoon digging into the work that I brought home with me, sure feels good to have that all taken care of.  We had dinner at our friend’s place last night and I got to use a Wii for the first time ever.  As a result, there may be a Wii purchase in the near future. 😉

This morning I stayed in bed until 730am and feel very refreshed.  I love Sundays so much. The leisurely breakie, coffee and the general relaxation.

On the menu this morning, egg sammies.

Ever since I discovered the egg + cream cheese combo back in the summer I haven’t been able to get enough of it!  And this sandwich was amazing.  Wanna know why? 

Yup, that is Liberté Cream Cheese!!  I was at Planet Organic the other day looking to stock up on their fabulous Greek Yogurt (which was sold out.) when I spotted this.  I had no idea they made cream cheese, but according to their website it’s been around for decades.

Mixed with chopped fresh chives.

All together for the perfect creamy breakfast sandwich.  English muffin topped with a fried egg, tomato & baby spinach.

With clementines for dessert. :)  Juicy goodness.

The rest of my plans for today include a bit of this:

Yup, Ms. Spelling has me hooked. Just getting started on her second book, Mommywood.  I read her first book sTori Telling and then started to DVR Tori & Dean.  She’s funny and so down to earth and they seem like great parents.  I’m not a fan of reality tv but their adventures always crack me up!

Yup, so a bit of reading, a 4K (perhaps up the trail since it looks like its turning out to be a sunny day!) some freelance work, a trip to the grocery store and QT w/ the hubby.

Oh and just wanted to share a few pieces of news in regards to the blog:

1.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be having a Personal Trainer providing special guest posts and answering all YOUR fitness related questions.  So get your questions together and stay tuned for their first post coming later this week!!

2.  As you may have already noticed, I’ve added a few new features to the site.

  • The main menu now has a link to some of my favourite posts written over the past 4 years.  Let me know if you think there’s any missing!
  • I’ve created a link to the post on Spam Bloggers because I really feel that it’s important issue that bloggers need to be aware of.
  • I’ve installed a formspring gadget so that you can ask me fun, anonymous questions right from the blog!

Going to end this post by sending lots of love and birthday wishes to the beautiful Amy!! (And Andrew too!) ;)  Hope you have a fab one chickie!


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