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Yesterday’s lunch! Mmmm, a falafel plate from Tarek’s in the North end of Halifax. I love Middle Eastern food. Actually I love ALL food as you might have guessed. (Picture is a bit out of focus,I was anxious to eat!)
Tarek’s is always a bustling place. Lunchtime is packed. You line up and place your order. Often there will be a tiny bowl of soup offered to nip the hunger pangs while waiting for your “real” order. Yesterday there were two kinds, pea and beef/orzo. Both good. The menu is varied and hard to choose from, so many yummy things. Great for vegetarians too.

You then find a seat and wait until your order is called. Lots of takeout orders too. My one peeve is that it can be very noisy in there and as delicious as the food is, it was nice to get out into some quiet. Also they don’t take debit cards. Great place to try if you haven’t yet.

Source: http://aliceinparislovesartandtea.blogspot.com/2011/03/tareks.html

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