Ten Spot: mmmm Donuts

One satisfying way to spend $10, is visiting a food truck. There is just something simple and delightful about walking up to truck, bus, van, or camper and have them hand you something magical through a tiny window.

This week, it’s about the donuts

Butterscotch (near) Boston Cream (far)
Butterscotch (near) Boston Cream (far)

What: Mini donuts
Where: Ol’ School Donuts at various locations, track them down here http://streetfoodapp.com/halifax/ol-school-donuts
Price: $5 taxes in

The magical red short bus. They have loads of sometimes changing flavours like PB&Jelly, Boston Cream, Butterscotch, Lemon Raspberry, Maple Bacon, Plain, Sugared, Cinnamon Sugared. The bonus you get 2 flavours per order, and frankly an order of 10 mini donuts is a nice treat for 2 people. So 2 people for $5! A Nice treat for a family of 4, or take three friends out and you have a lot of pleasure for a Ten Spot!

Occasionally I’ll throw and awesome Freebie in here too:
Free Canoeing on The Arm! From the beginning of June to the End of September, St. Mary’s Boat Club offers free 1hr canoe rentals, on Saturdays and Sundays. (1st rental at 11 am last at 6 pm)They provide canoe, paddles, and PFD!
More details can be found here http://www.halifax.ca/smbc/canoeing.php

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