That Wacky Corridor

In the process of Googling myself 3-4 times a day (minimum), I have come across some more goodness from THE CORRIDOR to share with your lovely self!

Shown below, the first official production photo (no, my cell phone pics don’t count), showing the cabin in the film, which is where a large portion of the film takes place…

The photo was included in an article written for Kings County News, “Canning hosts horror film production” (click here to read that article like it owes you money…?).

Another piece was written by the good folks over at Horror Squad, “Boys Weekend Goes Bust in ‘The Corridor’“.

The National Screen Institute patted themselves on the back for having so many of their alumni (Evan Kelly, Josh MacDonald, Shauna Hatt) involved in THE CORRIDOR, “NSI alumni behind new horror film The Corridor“. The NSI’s article also included one of the shorter and more accurate synopsises of the film that I’ve read yet…

The Corridor starts with five high school friends approaching 30, trying to rekindle their friendship over a winter weekend at Tyler’s family cabin.

The story takes place after Tyler’s release from a psychiatric institution. The film sees the characters face anxiety, fear, frustration, and a mysterious force field.

And finally, the website Movie Preview has a page up for THE CORRIDOR (, and hey, they even have a trailer for the film!! Except that it’s not set in the woods, it doesn’t have me in it, there’s a bunch of nicely dressed Asian people in it, and… oh wait, yeahhh, this isn’t THE CORRIDOR at all… oh well, check out the trailer for WHISPERING CORRIDORS if you’re into that generic Asian thriller thing…

THE CORRIDOR is set for a September 2010 release. Hold on.

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