The Amazing Race Canada – Finale

teamsIt’s finish time! It’s been fun watching my country shown off on The Amazing Race: Canada, especially my home province. This week, the final three teams flew from Newfoundland to Toronto.

I was rooting for the sisters. They’re underdogs, but they also haven’t had their butts saved twice like SOME teams.

In downtown Toronto, teams had to head to the L Tower, a new skyscraper under construction. That meant one thing – something scary and high!

Roadblock: “Who wants to hang out?”

One team member would have to rappell down the building. This would have been a task for me. Rob isn’t super into heights and thinks he could do this one, but I think I could do it. I think I’d be more nervous to rappell than I was to bungee jump, but I would do it. Face first would be super scary though.

Chocolate Factory!

Next, the teams visited the Cadbury chocolate factory to find a golden bar. The sisters arrived first, so my hopes were high. Vanessa had a hard time getting wrappers open – the factory forced her to wear gloves because of nail polish. Tim Sr. also had a hard time because of Parkinsons.

The Tims were the first team to find the golden bar. I hate challenges like this, because there’s barely any skill involved. Just luck. Eventually Vanessa found it, and then the brothers.


Tim Squared arrived at the zoo and just started searching for a clue, wherever they thought it might be – the panda exhibit, a Canadiana section, all over the place. The mistake they made was not going IN to the panda exhibit – that’s where the clue was. Both of the other teams found it first.

The sisters pulled a smart move in having their cab wait for them, so they were first to depart the zoo. The brothers had to wait for a new cab, and Tim Squared were still wandering the zoo in confusion. They ended up spending an hour and a half there before finally finding the clue.

Roadblock II: Flags and Flowers

I don’t like that the final challenge was a Roadblock, putting all the final pressure on one person seemed unfair. Vanessa had done the rappelling, so Celina had to match up flags and flowers on a map of Canada. I will admit, I would suck at this challenge. If I were going on The Amazing Race Canada I’d study this stuff, but I know very little of it naturally.

Celina and Cody (I never learned their names) had a hard time with the challenge, so when Tim Sr. arrived it certainly wasn’t impossible for him to catch up. He was very good at the challenge, but he’d made notes on the flowers and wasn’t able to use them. Tim ended up getting it on only his second attempt, when the other teams were closing in on attempt #20. CRAZY. Cody finished next, on attempt #21.

tim squareI wanted the Tims to win the least of all the teams, because they were saved twice by non-eliminations. And I am disappointed that they won. But Tim Sr. killed that final challenge, so good for him. The father and son team caught a ferry and crossed the finish line in first place.

I don’t want to sound unsympathetic. Good for Tim Sr. for competing and proving that his disease doesn’t define him and all that. But, you know, they almost got eliminated twice.

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed in this final episode. The chocolate challenge and the final challenge were pretty lame. What did you guys think?

Breaking Bad – Oh, baby.

Dexter – Adios…