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The Amazing Race – “Can’t Make Fish Bite”

This week’s episode of The Amazing Race began with a lot of commotion over flights, as the teams all scrambled to get to Colombo, Sri Lanka.


Everyone got their first clue at a Sri Lanka temple that opened at 5:45am, but Margie and Luke were stuck in an airport waiting for a flight.

Everyone else then jumped on a train to Galle, Sri Lanka. Once in Galle, they piled into tiny little taxis – particularly funny for the giant Globetrotters. The traffic was CRAY.

Fish or Dance?

For the Detour, players could either catch fish or learn a dance. Fishing seemed like there was an element of luck to it, but learning choreography always seems to be pretty time consuming. And this dance looked hard, since they were spinning plates on something that looked like a small pitchfork. I would have tried fishing.

David and Connor finished first, but Flight Time and Big Easy were right on their tails. I wasn’t surprised the Globetrotters nailed the dance on their first try – I mean, plate spinning is basically like basketball spinning, right?

The blondes finished the dance on their third try, but Brenchel needed fourteen attempts. Still, they both beat Jessica and John, who couldn’t catch a fish to save their lives. They eventually switched, which I thought was a mistake. Other teams had no trouble with the fishing, and they’d even caught a fish – John just dropped it. It ended up being a good decision, though – they finished the dance in no time.

Sew What?

Most of the teams were arriving at the Roadblock while Margie and Luke were still on the airplane. To complete it, one person had to sew a shirt. Oh no! I’d suck at this – I cheated my way into a passing Home Economics grade.

(I would volunteer my material to be used as an example for the class, and then distract the teacher so she’d forget to rip out her stitches. Her own work only got a B- grade.)

Brenchel had to perform a Speed Bump before they could move on, which was silkscreening a bunch of shirts.

The teams finished the Roadblock pretty quickly, and began heading to the Pit Stop. Dave and Connor arrived first, and it was well-deserved. They finished all the challenges first this week. The blonds finished second. Those girls bug me – they never seem to do anything independently, they’re always getting help from others. The cowboys finished third. The Afghanimals came fourth.

tar3By the time Margie and Luke arrived in Galle, only a couple teams were left sewing – Jessica and John, Brenchel, and the Globetrotters. Flight Time got so bored waiting for Big Easy to finish, that he pulled out a basketball and entertained the crowd.

Jessica was next to finish, and then tar1Brendan. and finally Big Easy. When he finished the shirt, it was way too small for him to try it on! The Globetrotters actually beat Brenchal to the Pit Stop.

It was nighttime by the time Margie and Luke arrived, and we didn’t see them complete any of the challenges.

This episode was a drag, but there was nothing the producers could do about it. Margie and Luke were so far behind that there was almost zero chance they could catch up. And since Brenchel was saved by a non-eliminated last week, we knew there wouldn’t be another one. So they were eliminated, and I was happy to see them go. After Luke’s tantrum in last week’s episode, I had no desire to see them stick around on the race.

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