The Coastal Cafe

I’ve wanted to go to the Coastal Cafe for a long time. This place is the brainchild of Chef Mark Giffin, most recently of Bish World Cuisine. The spot piqued my curiosity when it’s little yellow awning appeared on my morning bus commute to MSVU. I’d always wish that I was on my way to brunch as opposed to class. Then, of course, the food daydreams would begin!

The Coastal claims that it is “all about good food and coffee, served with no pretensions or attitude, and a laid back, contemporary atmosphere.” I couldn’t agree more. I took my sis for this preliminary visit as I knew that it would be right up her alley as well. We’re big B-fast peeps, my sis and I. Baked goods are key and bacon reigns supreme!

Once inside this unobstusive exterior, we were met by a lovely aroma of good, strong coffee. We ordered at the counter and found ourselves a two seater between an elderly couple and a couple of university students. Hmm…a resto that appeals to all ages- Not bad.

I ordered the Coastal’s signature dish Los Huevos Rancheros, or “Ranch eggs”, a classic Mexican breakfast with tortilla, eggs and salsa. This particular item is one that remains on the Coastal’s menu, which changes on a regular basis. What could be better than crispy tortilla, runny egg yoke and salsa? Well, while I can think of a few things, this dish was pretty damn good, and lived up to my aforementioned B-fast daydreams.

Los Huevos Rancheros

3 fried eggs on Corn Tortillas w/ Sauce Ranchero, Jack and Cheddar, and topped with Guacamole and Salsa

My sis had the Eggs Fra Diablo- again, another mix of eggs, tortilla and spicy sauce. Hers came scrambled with flavorful Chorizo and guac.

Eggs Fra Diablo

Scrambled Eggs w/ Chorizo Sausage, Jack Cheese and Veg, topped w/ Guacamole

We also shared a cheddar cheese scone….Alas, it was quickly devoured before a photo op!

My fave meals of the day being breakfast/brunch, it was a pretty thrilling occurrence to find another resto to supplement my staple faves. The Coastal also serves an intriguing mix of lunch fare. Make sure that you go early, as part of this place’s appeal is that it’s a limited time offer-The Coastal Cafe closes at 3 pm.


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