The IncrEDIBLE Picnic

This past Sunday, I spent the morning at Select Nova Scotia’s IncrEdible Picnic.  There were several picnics held across the province, Tash and I went to the one at Alderney Landing.


The Select Nova Scotia Incredible Picnic – It’s a simple idea: Nova Scotians get together with family and friends to eat fresh, local food. What’s easier or more enjoyable, especially on a beautiful summer afternoon?

IMG_5002 IMG_5005

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We spent a couple of hours browsing the booths, shopping and sampling fresh, local foods. 

Started off with dessert first:

This was a delicious Old Fashion Nova Scotia Blueberry Apple Crisp from the Taste of Nova Scotia booth.  OMG, so good, lots of brown sugar & cinnamon in this dish!  I had about half and then put the lid back on. 😉





Small sample of Blueberry Yogurt Cake.   Love how they were giving out recipe cards with most of the samples!



Stopped by Jane’s On The Common booth for some refreshing Citrus Iced Tea.  We also picked some sandwiches to take over the Angie’s.



The iced tea was great with this Smoked Maple Sausage from Meadowbrook Meat Market.

Meadowbrook grows all-natural omega pork, anti- biotic free with the majority of our feed made from grain we grow.

IMG_5023 IMG_5024

Back to the Taste of Nova Scotia booth for 3 big plates of Nova Scotia Harvest Salad to go!

IMG_5031 IMG_5032

Yup, since the new Mom couldn’t get to the picnic, we brought a little taste of the picnic to her!

The salad was fantastic – local greens, Fox Hill Fenugreek Havarti, red onions, dried cranberries, Jonagold apples and almonds with a citrus honey vinaigrette.


Half of the Roast Pork Sandwich from Jane’s.  Roast Pork with barbeque mayo and pickled red cabbage on white sourdough bread. Mmm mmm!


A few shots of the girls hanging out with Cameron:


He is such a happy, content little guy.  🙂


We spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out and taking loads of pics, which you can find over at Angie’s blog.  Was so great to catch up and finally meet this gorgeous baby boy!


To wrap up this post, thought I’d show you all the goodies I picked up at the Picnic.    A reusable bag, tee & apron along with loads of brochures – including a directory that features where to buy local products, a calendar with seasonal recipes, and a Taste of NS Culinary Adventure guide. 



More goodies…


Earlier in the week I actually won a contest that Select NS was having on Twitter and part of my prize was a bottle of wine.   Domaine de Grand Pré Castel Vinter’s Reserve 2009

Rich, dense and deeply pigmented, this wine offers inviting herbaceous aromas of caraway and black pepper. A wine of deistinction, it offers and expressive nose, complex full body m and a balanced palate of ripe fruite and integrated tannins

AKA, my kind of wine. 😉  Pictured with my freebie wine glass from the Wines of Nova Scotia booth.


I also picked up this jar of Tomato Butter from Jane’s. Really excited to try this with a grilled cheese!


Fresh blueberries from Noggins Corner Farm Market.


Is there really anything better? 


Along with some peaches & cream corn. Mmmmm mmm. I love fresh, local produce.  Nothing beats it I tell ya!


That was my day in a nutshell.  The picnic was really fun, I’m a little shy but once we went around the booths a few times I got better at introducing myself and even gave out a few blog biz cards. 😉  I loved seeing the local vendors in action, such a cool idea!  Will be going back next year for sure!

Did any of you make it out to one of the IncrEDIBLE Picnics?  Let me know where you went and what you thought!

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