The Office: Gettysboring

Oh man. For the first time in a while, I watched The Office last week and barely paid attention. If I reach for a laptop or a magazine while watching a show, or wonder “Can I watch this while I wash those dishes?” it’s never a good sign. I should be engrossed in a show, or too busy laughing to write an email. But this week’s episode really didn’t hold my attention.

While Andy took most of the office on a corporate retreat to Gettysburg, Robert California stayed behind with the rest and picked their brains for “gamechangers”. Unfortunately, just neither storyline did it for me. Robert California is always around – he should have known that someone like Kevin isn’t a guy who comes up with great ideas at this point. Meanwhile, Andy spent the entire trip engrossed in his paranoia of his shortcomings as a new boss only to be told by Jim that everyone actually likes him. And shouldn’t Andy know that by now as well? We had the tattoo incident, we have the party he hosted to impress his parents…what other validation does he need?

Dwight’s stuff about the Battle of Schrute Farms was kind of funny and I liked the cold open, but not nearly enough to save the episode. I don’t even have any favorite quotes from the episode, because I was that unimpressed with it. I hope The Office finds a way to freshen up soon, because I’d hate to see this show really drown in the post-Carell era.


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