These Boots are Made for Walken…

An oldie but a goody. Walkens Welcome!  I love a quirky mind. This is a business with a sense of humour! I saw it in a  Wolfville  clinic window, Optometry (I think).
Speaking of walkin, it’s darn cold here today! -11 feels like -17. Big mass of Arctic air taking a Southern vacation! Freezing in Florida too I hear. I was hoping to get out and stretch my bones, move this body and shake off my Winter ennui but I’m a wuss. Maybe later……
Sun is not shining today…..I just liked this pic of boots I took:) It is grey and wintry and threatening flurries. Kind of like the pictures below.
I’m not at the Seaport market today. Just didn’t feel right this morning. Will work at home this afternoon to make up for lost $. Still have to pay for table….
Stark and lovely in it’s own frozen way. Symphony of contrast. Dark and light, black and white. Winter poetry. xo

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