Things That Are True

1. Concert tickets are expensive

I have given chunks of my salary to Slayer (yes), Megadeth (awesome), Stone Temple Pilots (admittedly a little lame but WHATEVER, internet), and Aussie Pink Floyd Show (for the fourth time). Still speculating whether I’ll make an appearance the English Beat show. Or get smuggled into Wilco. Time will tell.

2. Nocturne was awesome

This was a blast! I wish I was able to see more, but what I did check out was the most fun. Major highlight: lots of free apple cider. Somehow ended up hanging out on top of another downtown Halifax building as a closer to the evening. Made other “roof crawlers” nervous.

3. I like Halloween

Forsaking my zombie heritage and box of spirit gum, dermawax, and blood gel, my Halloween costume will be gore free. The experience of picking prosthetics off of my face after the Zombie Walk was an unhappy one. Unlike the undead, I need my skin firmly attached to my body. My 2009 costume involves a big red wig and a black dress. All shall be revealed.

4. The internet is fun

I’m blogging at the new Spacing Atlantic website in a feature called From the Vaults. So far I’ve talked about the Capitol Theatre and the Halifax Memorial Library. Looking forward to sharing fun photos and stories about Nova Scotian landmarks.

5. Borscht is delicious

Andrew is making a hearty meal for the Russian party he’s having on Friday. There will be great music and good people. Hopefully the awesome furry hat from the last Russian party makes an appearance, along with many bottles of vodka.

6. Planning trips is great

Europe 2: Electric Boogaloo might happen next fall. This trip centers on Germany during Oktoberfest, with train rides to Switzerland and Belgium. Fingers crossed. I still haven’t visited my favourite city, Prague, but I think that will have to be another trip.

7. I am learning a lot about film

And will be learning a lot more once this work project really starts rolling. Right now I’m getting the basics on care and handling of film, and its preservation. I’m also getting to know the archives’ film holdings quite a bit. Nerd glee.

8. Dartmouth is the best

…but the youth that hang around my street look like they want to beat me up and steal my lunch money. They would use that lunch money to get extra large slices of pepperoni pizza at Uncle Buck’s on Pleasant St. They would then go to the Ultramar for chips. I’m watching them carefully…

When Life Gives You Apples…

Rami Bardeesy of Halifax and female overall winner Malindi Elmore of Edmonton crossing foot bridge within the Metro Toronto Zoo. (Photo courtesy of Grant Walker).

Team Nova Scotia a winner