Thursday in October

I’ve got a cold. Daughter brought it into the house and now it has settled in my pocket. I have been blasting it with fresh garlic (crushed and mixed into a small V8 juice…I know some of you are cringing, but it’s quite nice actually:), lots of Bengal Spice tea, turkey soup , vitamin C, and COLD FX. ColdFX really does work to shorten the duration and drudge of a cold but you have to take it at the very first sign of symptoms. I always have it on hand now. This cold is on it’s way out, and was not too bad as far as colds go, but today will be another quiet day of not getting much done because I ‘m still not completely “up to snuff”.

This event looks like it would be fun. A literary luncheon:)

Okie dokey, bye for now:)

Je’Marie pursehook

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