Top Responses on How to Curb School Threats

We asked you on Facebook what you think we can do to stop the rash of school threats that have happened over the last couple of weeks. Here’s a summary of your responses.

What can we do to stop threats against schools?

RankCategoryTotal ReactionsComment CountPercentage of Total Reactions
3Legal and System Reforms1122511.73%
4Anti-Racism Efforts112211.73%

Top 20 Comments by Reactions

ReactionsPost ByComment
98Ben DurninAccountability and consequences. This world has none for the youth.
90Doug HarrisonGet rid of the young offenders act. Is it not working.
56Lisa N RodneyTeachers and parents have no support anymore.
43Josh FougeDiscipline needs to come back to the school system.
33Jennifer CookDiscipline…. it starts at home
32Mike DantonYeah, parent your kids properly.
32Ron EddyShould result in an immediate expulsion and criminal charge
32Lorene AtkinsonIt use to Happened yrs ago but not as often as today.
29Krystin GayleTreat them like adults. Put their names out there.
22Glenn StatesMake parents accountable for their kids actions.
20Raymond GroveI’m in the school system, Ban cell phones from the class.
20Anna DaurieStart to make them accountable for their actions.
17Jamie GaudetBetter parenting
16Kat HigginsI think this is something we should defer to the experts on.
14Stassi ThunderPeople need to start parenting again. Period.
12Andrea SkiptonActions and consequences needs to start at home.
11Adrienne LaurenStop having kids
11Angela MurphyMaybe children should start being held accountable.
10Leslie HardyParents need to step up and teach their kids respect and consequences.

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