tracing patterns

I happened upon this rock sculpture in the Tangled Garden in Wolfville. Labyrinths fascinate me. They are a symbolic form of pilgrimage. A journey towards oneself or away from oneself. A lovely form of meditation. I find it interesting that that they developed in different forms and media (petroglyphs, classic, medieval, pavement, turf, and basketry) throughout time in almost every area of the world.

Some hospices and centres for the care of elderly have started to include them in their outdoor spaces. One theory on why they work is that when walking among the turnings, one loses track of direction and of the outside world, and thus it quiets the mind. Great way to get a tiny bit of exercise and still your thoughts. One day I would love to have a walking labyrinth in my garden.

Here are people walking the labyrinth in the Cathedral of Chartres .

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