twinkle, twinkle

As promised, here’s a peek at my tree.

I like a lot of extra lights on my tree because I love the twinkle. This year’s tree was a bit wider and more full than I thought it was, so in my opinion, there are not nearly enough lights. Oh well, perhaps I’ll be picking up more in a good boxing day sale…

The twinkle is my favorite part. I make sure I spend some quiet time admiring it every night. For some reason, it’s very calming. A friend of mine swears multi-colored lights are “coming back in” again. I don’t know about that, but I do know it would be very hard to convince me to give up beautiful white lights.

I’m infatuated with mat finish ornaments, so this year I decided to go with a baby blue color. It’s been around for a year or two, but something about the color speaks to me. As you can see, you really don’t need lots of a particular colored ornament to make it pop. Especially when it’s a more non-traditional color.

I like a clean, simple look, so I mixed these with my classic ornaments that I use each year — clear glass, silver and a touch of white. The glass and silver add a bit of extra shine because they increase the reflection of the lights. I did add some tree jewelry too — in the form of silver and glass draping/hanging ornaments…you got it, more twinkle!

I added a touch of whimsy (and a peek at my sense of humor) with three little sparkly blue birds that are tucked into the tree to help hide a couple of the natural gaps in the branches. Unexpected for me, because I am not a fan of birds (in the realm of decorating) nor am I of feathers. But that’s a whole different blog topic. Again, I think the twinkle factor saves them.

On a side note, the beautiful red ornaments I used last year are now placed all over the house in various ways – in glass vases, perched on a windowsill, added to the door wreath, and hanging in an archway between rooms. I still get lots of enjoyment out of them.

This season, for a very low cost, my tree has a fresh new look that I’m really happy with…and so does my house. I hope you have a great time decorating, and admiring, your tree too!

We’ll be taking a short break to celebrate the holiday season and will be back with a new posting in early January. In the meantime, very best wishes to all faithful just a little rouge readers and rouge clients for a wonderful season full of love, laughter and lots of sparkle!

Thanks very much for a great 2009. You have been my gift and I am thankful.
See you again in 2010!

xx rouge.

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