Just noticed that this painting is tilted. Hmm, never mind:)
It is a treasured possession of mine, painted by Rod Mackay who lives in Lunenburg. I have had this painting for many years and it has never once failed to give me joy. I don’t know what it is that grabs me but I absolutely adore it. The sky. The water. The colours. Very typical Atlantic scene.
Yesterday I tore my kitchen apart, starting an early spring clean in the hopes of dispelling some of the blahs and wow, doesn’t that make a person feel good. I got rid of a lot stuff and was slightly horrified at what I was putting into the compost. What a waste:( Stale grains, beans, stuff….things bought with good intentions of being used and then pushed into a dark drawer/cupboard/bin, to be forgotten. Spices long past identification…. Anyway…. no more of that!

Today I am meeting a friend for a birthday lunch. Lots of birthdays this month:)

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