We are Connected: An Invitation

Recently in the online world there was an event planned for mom bloggers here in Toronto. In its title it smelled of exculsion and not inclusion. It was well a chance for women to get together at a free event and get swag from brands.

This event left many who were uninvited feeling left out, and disconnected. I am sure this was not the intention of KOBO and the other brands who will gift the chosen 100.

Well this got me thinking about how we use our blogs. It also got me thinking about the #halifaxchicks. The #halifaxchicks is a Tweet Up in Halifax of women who are active on Twitter who look to build a network of friends and community. They are a great group who are community minded women. They have worked together to raise thousands for a local charity, and many great friendships have come from the tweetups. Well I thought we could do likewise here. Just recently by using my own blog and twitter along with others we were able to help the residents of 200 Wellesley quickly and effectively even raising money and getting much-needed donations on a timely basis. Our blogs and our twitter accounts can be used for more than just sharing about our families, about a brand or two, they can be used to help build better stronger communities.

So I am inviting you to join me and 3 guest speakers for an evening of Moroccan treats at a new great restraunt on the Danforth to discuss how we can build a better community that lifts and encourages. Who gets to come?

1. Are you a blogger?

2. Are you a woman?

3. Are you active on Twitter?

Then you are invited? No lists. No applications..

I do ask that you register here on Eventbrite. There are only 50 spots. So please grab a ticket as that is all the venue can hold.

I am providing Moroccan desserts and tea. You will be able to purchase food if you wish.

Now I am sure you will want to know who is speaking. As that is firmed up this week I will annouce them here.


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