What do I do if I’ve lost my pet in Halifax?

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What do I do if I’ve lost my pet in Halifax?

If you’ve lost your pet, call 311 or 1.800.835.6428 (toll free in Nova Scotia only) to file a lost pet report.

Be prepared to give a detailed description of your pet, including:

  • licence tag number
  • distinguishing markings
  • microchip number
  • tattoos

Animal Services staff will review the report and call you if any animal in possession matches the description of your pet. Check back frequently and call back if your pet has been found.

You should also check:

  • local animal shelters in person, as they may describe your pet differently than you do. Local Shelters in Halifax include the Metro SPCA and Bide A While.
  • Metro Animal Emergency Clinic.
  • local veterinary clinics, as people sometimes bring found pets to the vet.

Online resources to locate a lost pet

What do I do if I find a lost pet?

If you find a pet on the loose in Halifax, call the 311 Contact Centre or 1.800.835.6428 (toll free in Nova Scotia only) to report an animal at large or to file a found pet report.

Take note of the animal’s appearance including any license tag number, distinguishing markings, tattoos, and the location and time you saw the animal.

Do not approach the animal if it is showing signs of aggression. Approach the animal only if it appears friendly and you feel comfortable doing so. If you are able to catch the pet, keep it in a safe, secure place.

If the pet is wearing a collar with a rabies tag, contact the veterinary clinic that issued the tag.

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