What? Is there something on my face??


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hehehe  Aren’t they adorable!   My Dad’s Kitty had kittens.  She was a stray kitty that he took in a while ago and is going to be fixed, but in the meantime we’ve got these lovely cutie pies looking for a good home,  so if there is anyone in the New Glasgow area or even in the Truro and Halifax area who is interested in adopting  an adorable kitty (there are 4), please don’t hesitate to contact me :-)

So I went to my hometown this weekend with the purpose of cooking for my mom.  She is trying to get herself on a healthier path and she needs help doing it.   Her weight is where I was when I started nearing 300 lbs and she faces many more challenges in her life than I did.  I would have been lucky to have anyone in my life who even had a clue where to start, so I wanted to try to get my Mom situated with some pre-made healthy meals that she can have available to her in the freezer.  I knew that chili was a definite. 

And I thought it would be important for myself to remember that I have come a long way in the taste preference department from when I was standing in her shoes and today.  I tried to think back to what things I loved to eat “back then” and the Eat, Shrink and Be Merry Cookbook immediately came to mind.  One of my favourite recipes from that book is the Smackaroni & Cheese (although I always add a TON more zucchini than the recipe calls for added bulk).  I used to LOVE having frozen leftovers.  So it was settled – a turkey chili and the Smackaroni.

I figured since I was going to be driving to New Glasgow, grocery shopping AND cooking, I’d make sure that the chili recipe was super easy and wouldn’t hog up the stove!  Sure enough I found the perfect recipe on Roni’s Green Lite Bite site, “Slow Cooked Mild Turkey Chili” which was incredibly easy and incredibly healthy!





I made two modifications: since I didn’t have time to raid my pantry before heading down, I didn’t bring any ingredients with me and I wasn’t going to buy a whole container of molasses for one tablespoon, so instead I bought a small can of “beans & molasses” to give the slight sweet flavour and I also added mushrooms.  I HAVE to have mushrooms in my chili!  I also browned the turkey WITH the onions and mushrooms and then tossed everything else in the slow cooker.

I’ll be making this recipe again for sure.  Thanks Roni!


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