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I went to Winners yesterday to check out its Beauty event. I had to leave a few things on hold at Customer Service, as the store was closing on me, so the post of beauty items will have to be tomorrow.

Today is the clothes and shoes that I got from a few trips to Winners to take advantage of the Loulou Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Buy $100 get $20 Winners Gift Card coupons. They expire tomorrow, just so you know if you plan to use it.

Note: This post serves the purpose of showing you what you could find from Winners’ racks for good deal (hence the price mentioned), not to brag about my purchases. If you are not interested in hauls, please do not continue.

This is a La Belle LBD with a $29.99 price tag. Very simple cut but elegant and fits me well. I like the little shiny metal pieces on the straps, brightens up the top part of the dress. There are criss cross details at the front, but they don’t photograph well.

I wasn’t feeling much of this piece until I tried it on. Felt like it was tailored just for me 🙂 Even the bf gave me his seal of approval on it.

It feels kinda funny buying dresses of this style as fall is approaching, but I figured I could wear them when I go home this Christmas, or save them till next Spring/ Summer.

There were more sweater dresses on the racks at this time of year obviously, but you never know what you can find at Winners. And I liked what I found this time 🙂

This dress is from Faith Connexion, I found at the Clearance section – $139.99 down to $70. 3 flirty layers, a little bow at the front, lace-trimmed neck line, adjustable straps, knee-length.

To be honest, despite the cute look of this dress, I found it hard to justify a $70 purchase. Call me cheap (or frugal, lol), but I don’t wear dresses often enough to make good use of the money spent.

I don’t party much, and most of my girlfriends have moved away for work after we finished school. Do I need to make up occasions to wear this dress? Or do I just return it? Tough choice!

What do you think, ladies? Advice is appreciated!

This Solitaire fluffy/ furry sweater also had a red tag on – $39.99 down to $29. The one and only of this style and colour, and it was my size. How cool was that?

This item comes in black and dark brown, but the black looks a lot better, so I don’t mind the repetition of colour here.

I like the extremely soft feel to the touch of the material (can’t say exactly what it is), and what I like even more was the little snug at the waist with a different elastic material. It looks like a belt in the picture, but a belt could have damaged the material for sure.

I feel warm wearing this sweater (of course), but feel slim as well, which is always a plus.

This one is Calvin Klein, $79.99 down to $59. It’s a knee-length pencil dress but I wanted to show a close up so you can see the details at the top.

It was a soft mesh material at the top half, buttoned-up with 2 straps that you could tie a bow at the neck. It comes with a silk-like cami underneath. Totally work appropriate.

The dress doesn’t come in any other colours, so I had to go with black once again.

Now this is a winter item – Charlotte Russe jacket, on for $69.99.

I love how warm this jacket feels, which is the first sell point for me. The fabric is great, zipper in front with metal buttons ran along the side. 2 pockets at both side of the upper part near the shoulders. 2 side pockets at the bottom, as in any other winter jackets.

Another sell point on this one for me is the belt at the waist with the same fabric. It even has 2 adjustment levels for better fit. I’m not a tall girl, so I like to show a bit of waist to make me look slim but not small – same concept as the sweater above.

There was a good selection of winter jackets at Winners now, I was quite happy. Had a hard time picking between this one and another sleek looking jacket.

Now on to shoes!
I love the trend of metal-studded shoes and boots this fall, but have a hard time finding the right height for the heels.

Well, until now. This pair is Steve Madden, sold at $79.99, and it’s my size. Surprise find, actually.

The price did put me off a little, as I think boots are seasonal items and don’t get year-round wear. But I couldn’t resist the charm of the studs, the 3 metal buckles that wrap around the legs. The heels are perfect. And the feel, omg. They are so comfortable to wear. The material inside felt like fine fleece, so soft.

Please let me know what you think about these boots. Did I make a good decision to splurge (well to me it’s a splurge)? Or I’d be better off to go shopping in the US for great Steve Madden stuff?

Now we’re talking colour!!! I went bold with this pair, The brand is Diba (I’m not familiar with this brand), $39.99.

I never have this kind of red in my shoe closet, and I wouldn’t know how to pair it up with my clothes, but there were only 4 pairs left and 1 was in my size. I couldn’t walk away.

The style is in black as well, but red is so much better, shiner, sexier and bolder (if that’s even a word, lol). The little zipper on the side is too cute, not mentioning the fold details at the front.

I love the look of these booties, the heels would kill me a little to walk on but I’ll survive, won’t I?

That’s it for the first part of Winners haul. Feel free to comment, as I’m a novice in fashion.

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