You’ve got our number; Halifax Transit set to launch new Departures Line

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 (Halifax, NS) – Halifax Transit is excited to unveil its new Departures Line going live next week, the first public-facing component being released as part of a significant $43 million transit technology upgrade.

Beginning on Monday, May 16, the existing GoTime system will be replaced with the new Departures Line that will provide bus departure information in real-time.

Passengers can call a single phone number (902-480-8000) to access the system and a pre-recorded voice will guide the caller through the process. The caller will enter the bus stop number (printed on each bus stop sign) to hear which buses are departing, and at what time, from their stop location.

The real-time information is sourced from a new GPS-based vehicle location system, which is currently installed on approximately 75 per cent of Halifax Transit`s conventional buses, and will be fully operational by summer. The new technology will provide passengers with more accurate bus stop departure information, and allow Halifax Transit to track where each and every bus is located, how long before it reaches each stop, and when there is a need to plan for increased service hours.

Until the system is fully installed on all conventional buses, the Departures Line will announce either the scheduled time or the estimated time for departure.  “Scheduled to depart” uses the scheduled times listed in published schedules online and in the Riders’ Guide. “Estimated to depart” uses the real-time location to predict when the next bus will depart.

Halifax Transit will be replacing approximately 2500 bus stop signs over the coming months to reflect the new Departures Line contact number. Please note that during the sign changeover, the old GoTime numbers posted at individual bus stops will continue to be in operation, and will redirect callers automatically to the new Departures Line.

The Departures Line is phase one of a number of passenger information and technology improvements being rolled out by Halifax Transit. Stay tuned to and @hfxtransit on Twitter for more exciting announcements over the coming months. 

For more information on the new Halifax Transit Departures Line, visit

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