War of 1812 Exhibition Explores Pivotal Time for Nova Scotia

Nova Scotians and visitors can explore what was at stake during the War of 1812, and how the event profoundly affected North American history.

The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic is presenting 1812, a travelling exhibition produced by the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa that explores the war through the perspectives of Canadians, First Peoples, Americans, and the British.


Homemade Iced Green Tea Latte


It's no secret I'm OBSESSED with the matcha green tea latte, and I'm even more obsessed with making them at home! Keep reading to find out all my tips and tricks for making this delicious Starbucks favorite cheaper, and healthier for you!

So you love the Green Lattes from Starbucks, but you find them a little sweet, and they can put a significant hit to your wallet.

SNMG-2 to Exercise off North America.

The Nato Standing Maritime group 2, will be departing Rota Spain for exercises on the Atlantic Coast.
though the Makup of the group Can change, it currently consists of :

FGS Niedersachsen (FFG) (Germany)
HMCS Regina (FFH) (Canada)
TCG Kemalreis (FFG) (Turkey)
USS Leyte Gulf (CG)(American)

Halifax may see a west coast frigate. More details when known.

But Mommm: Impact


A lot of things have changed for me since I became a parent. Sure there are the obvious things – how I spend my time, where I spend my money and my definition of what is truly important in life.


Guidelines and Criteria Released for Hub School Model

Parents, community members and school boards in Nova Scotia can now explore innovative ways of using public schools to further enhance and strengthen their local communities.

Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Karen Casey today, July 21, released the guidelines and criteria for the Hub School Model in response to concerns heard by Bob Fowler who led the school review process study in the winter.


ReTales Update: Alexandra’s Cockroach, New Dollarama, Peni$ Cream!, and New Canadian Tire Elmsdale

Usually I only update on Sundays, but this Sunday produced enough info to produce it’s own info, more than I get some weeks in February :)


A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers

A little amusement at Atlantic Wholesalers


-The PetCetera in Dartmouth Crossing is being replaced by a Dollarama, also in Dartmouth Crossing David’s Bridal opens today

-Not 100% but 99% that Canadian Tire is building a smaller format store (like Tantallon) by Sobeys in Elmsdale

-Cafe l’Acadi has closed its Truro location and will be reopening by months end on Bedford Highway at Larry Uteck.


Marriage: It’s Yours to Define

This is my first blog post I have ever written and published, and I am thrilled that I get to write about my marriage to my loving husband Bryn (pronounced “Brian”). When we first met in 2011, I was denying who I truly was and I was very much afraid of what the people in my life that I loved would think of me if I came out of the closet and if they would remain in my life.

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