I love N.S.

This is a very typical sight along the back roads and countryside of Nova Scotia. Charming old houses with banks of day lilies.
Speaking of Nova Scotia….. I am busy trying to shoot a video with my newly won FlipCam! Nova Scotia Tourism is running a contest in which you can win a $15,000 dream vacation. All you need is a 2 minute video describing why you love this place. The money can be used towards anything you want. I might like to rent a big lodge and have a party, flying in friends and family from around the globe:)
Because there weren’t a lot of video entries, NS tourism ran another contest giving away 2 FlipVid cameras a day so you could have the equipment to get started. All one had to do was tweet about what they would do with the $. I did and I won one:)
Now I am rushing to shoot my wee video so I can get it up and get some votes:) There are two there with 18,000+ votes and the rest are about 200-4000, I am thinking thewre might be some hanky panky going on. Anyway……I will try my best and once it’s up I’ll let you know:)

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