More Mahone….

Isn’t this a great idea. Saw it in Mahone Bay. No reason for those of you with only balconies not to have fresh salad greens. So last time I left you, we were just about to have lunch. Well, here it is, we had avocado melts! So good.

We had popped in to Mahone Bay to check out Trilogy Gallery, another place I have a few paintings. I noticed that they had an American flag flying outside. How strange I thought, why no Canadian flag too?

I soon noticed other other odd things too. Different newspapers.

A new Dairy Bar sign

And then… some of Haven’s finest. Yes, Mahone Bay had been transformed into the spooky and beautiful American town of Haven for the day. So cool to see:) ( you can watch it here)

We carried on our way and had a fun poke about the town. It is such a lovely place to walk around and lots of cool wee shops to visit. These are the three famous churches all side by side. You can just barely see the third one on the right.

So wonderful to see Spring busting out all over.

By the time we came back, look what greeted us! The crew had changed locations and cleared the side street of cars except for one. Can you guess whose car it was and how relieved they were to see us? lol.

PS. Hi Susan!!! Lovely to meet you:) Mlou you too.


Happy Birthday, Queen V!

Epic nail polish hauls