1:27 pm - Thursday, August 22 2019
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Hello! Just me, a girl with minimalism in my heart and an urban design degree in my hand, sharing with you my love for design. If you light up like a kid on Christmas morning when you hear any mention of typography, and belong to every home décor website mailing list in what seems like the world, it's okay, I get you- we should be friends.


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We Are Pregnant !!!!


We are over the moon excited to welcome a little one into our family this fall! I don't usually write personal posts, but I figured I'd share a bit of our story so far, because it's a really fun one to be able to share.We did a great...

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Diy Copper Clothing Rack

I've taken my new found love of copper and introduced it into yet another of the rooms in our flat. I posted a photo of it on Instagram and it seemed to go over very well-so here's the simple and cheap DIY tutorial! Keep in mind, it looks...

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Britdesign Turns 1 !

It's been an entire year since I launched britdesign, with my first post a simple diy Christmas garland (check it out of you're looking for a cute garland for this season too!), and I am so humbled by how many of you are following...

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