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Common Roots Urban Farm


Deep in the heart of the city of Halifax there is a farm! Right next to one of the busiest intersections in Halifax. Common Roots Urban Farm Things are growing! There are private plots and public plots. Everywhere you see a green stake, you can...

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Instagram Halifax


Found some instagram pictures from 2012 post ... you can follow me if you'd like https://www.instagram.com/aliceinparis1/ Here are some pics of things I see frequently.The image above is a door on Barrington Street in a building that is about...

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Forest Bathing….


I had a Forest Bath the other day.... a walk in the woods....something we should all try to do as often as we can:) I have always felt better in myriad ways after a walk under the trees but did not realize it is a "thing." Shinrin-Yoku is the...

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Show of Costume 1869


 This is happening tomorrow night! Friday April 15. My daughter is in the Costume Studies Program at Dalhousie and her final year culminates with this event! She has chosen to represent Fanny Westphal McNab who would have attended the Ball with...

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