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Angie All The Way

The daily trials and tribulations of one person’s journey to a healthy weight.

50 lbs, Yo!


Happy to have hit the 50 lbs lost post-baby milestone!  Lately I've been in "off season" mode not exercising much or tracking diligently, but I'm happy that I'm still losing - it shows I'm on this track to stay :-) I'm not even worried about...

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Pre-2012 Brain Dump

I went for a run on Sunday. The first one since the Wine Run which was two weeks ago.  Just a slow "see how I'm feeling" run with the pootch.  It's amazing how easily you can put running (or any exercise) on the back burner in favour of...

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I'm surprised how going back to work has worked to my advantage in ways that I didn't see coming.  For instance, while lots of people manage to run and train with jogging strollers, I really don't think I'd be able to pull off my training...

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I feel like there's so much to update you on. Maybe it's because I haven't been updating the blog as often as I used to. Rest assured that it is NOT indicative of falling off course or anything close to that.  In fact, it's quite the...

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